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Still Trying

…to get my stuff all in one sock.

Speaking of Socks – go to Skater Socks to get the REAL Deal that everyone who wears tubes should have. I have worn these for just about since they opened the place. Excellent quality and people.

Health is still poorly but slowly … maintaining. Heheh.

Hope to write more and even make my 3 eBooks available.


The sport bike rider was on my bumper for 3 miles
Then we turned onto the 4-lane and by the time I made it around the next curve – he was into next year.

When things Get Bad It Can Only Get Worse

    Boy Howdy! Life is sure going downhill.

    My Mom’s been to hospital and nursing home rehab for over a month. The Wife has been in her house to help her and be with her – and Mom needs it.

    Me and the dogs doing okay but getting ready for the move to Mom’s and getting rid of the Motor Coach. Hate to see it go but it pretty worn out too.

    Right is Right – even if nobody is doing it.
    Wrong is Wrong – even if everybody is doing it.

Almost Feels Like Home

Got a new puter and been learning it for almost a month now. Getting there.

Many things have happened. I am surely getting better a little at a time – but my Mom has taken a turn for the worse. Mostly ‘old Lady’ stuff but we got her out of the hospital and hope to get her back home within a couple weeks.

My wonderful Wife took the duty of staying with Mom in the hospital and is now moved into the house waiting on Mom to get out of rehab. Wife will be staying there prolly forever and I will gradually be moving there myself and will say goodbye to the Coach.


Right is Right – even if nobody is doing it.
Wrong is Wrong – even if everybody is doing it.

Hard Going

Hey there.

I continue deep in the recovery process.

I have learned much more about the many weeks I was ‘zoned out.’

Apparently I was adament that my daughter from 2 marriages ago should not come to see me. I have a vague recollection of that – my reasoning being that that would mean I was dieing – and I wasn’t ready to admit that. It was not anything against my daughter – just no need and save her money.

All I could verbalize was a ‘no.’ My immediate family thought it would upset me if she came.


Take Care


Over A Month In

Still living off the tube [PEG].It is really a pain in the butt.

Having troubles with this Tablet setup. Just when i think it’s okay – it don’t work like I want it to.

Hang in there with me.