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Skin Cancer Removed

Finally got the caner removed from my face. What an ordeal! They decided I needed more platelets so did that first then put me in line for the surgery. Oy. So I was there for about 7 hours or so.

I was in the post-op haze – still in the OR – when I thought I heard them say they lost me once. I have yet to double-check on that.

Went home but spent the rest of the day and all Friday and today recovering. Feel almost normal. Looks like I lost the fight though. Badly bruised face and 2 pockets of blood formed under my eye and on my cheek. They seem to have stopped growing and the stitches stopped bleeding. I think there are 10 or 12 stitches from cheek to just below my eye – diagonally.

I’m good.

Still working on getting my collection of quotes on line. Can’t remember the html code very well. It’s a problem of ‘using it or losing it.’

Take care


Yes if wine and pills were hundred dollar bills, I might keep you satisfied.
If broken dreams were limousines, I might take you for a ride.
And all I can do, is think of you – and wish you were here by my side.
Yes if heartaches were nickels, I’d be the richest fool alive.

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