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There Was This Hurricane

Couple weeks ago hurricane Matthew came close. We live on the Indian River which is a mile wide here. Then there is a slip of land where A1A and the barrier island lies.So we are about a mile or so from the ‘coast’ here.

I didn’t want to go but the Wife insisted. So we packed up dogs and small supplies and moved the truck over to the Mom’s house [about 7 miles north and and another mile or so inland] where we picked up Mom and step=daughter and grand-baby and step-daughter BF and ran across the state to Tampa to hotels and our step-daughter there. We were a 3 car convoy. Oy.

On return we found there had been a few inches of water at the RV with no damage and no water and little tiny wind damage at the house. Praise the Lord!

Unfortunately the trip to Tampa was too much for Mom and she had to be hospitalized and now waits to go back to here to check into rehab for a couple weeks.


Religion is for people who fear hell, spirituality is for people who have been there.

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