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Hurricanes Everywhere

Boy Howdy – ain’t we had some blowin’ and rainin’?

We survived the worst for us – Irma. No flooding in our area and lost power for a bit. Our roof tried to blow off but settled back in – repairable. Made a run for a week to Augusta and back. Cost about $4000 there. Damage to Kia – mostly cosmetic. Lost car port. We were very lucky.

I’ll have to tell you about it sometime.


I can tell you fancy, I can tell you plain
You give something up for everything you gain
Since every pleasure’s got an edge of pain
Pay for your ticket and don’t complain
–Bob Dylan

Still Waiting

Still trying to get all my shit in one sock {whatever that means}. Gotta work on new paperwork for stocks I still got so can get them in my name. Get car paid off. Did get the RV sold so no longer a Coach owner. More paperwork {insurance stuff}. That could be a real pain – or not.

Gotta get to it tho.

Take Care


There’s a hole in my head where the rain comes in

Not Pushed On Leg Yet

Almost afraid to get the broke leg fixed. It will prolly take a fight to get it done – expensive – and with a longer recovery than they anticipate. {sigh}

More festivities about baby birthdays and births. The sex of the new baby due at Christmas was left to me to tell – not even Mom and Dad know. The tech put it in an envelope and it got mailed to the Wife who gave it to me and the Wife and daughter were told by me so they can have a party and ‘reveal’ in a week. I really enjoyed that.

Take Care


Right is Right – even if nobody is doing it.
Wrong is Wrong – even if everybody is doing it.

Still Broke

Had the follow-up on the foot/ankle area. Still broke. Doc wanted to set up surgery for pin and plate and screws. I sez no. Got too much stuff going on over the next month. Oy…

Still falling down from time to time. Some day I will be almost well. Mebbe. Of course – the Wife still has her issues as well. It just keeps going on and on.

Hang in there with me.


Sometimes, you need to talk to a three year old so you can understand life again.

Skin Cancer Removed

Finally got the caner removed from my face. What an ordeal! They decided I needed more platelets so did that first then put me in line for the surgery. Oy. So I was there for about 7 hours or so.

I was in the post-op haze – still in the OR – when I thought I heard them say they lost me once. I have yet to double-check on that.

Went home but spent the rest of the day and all Friday and today recovering. Feel almost normal. Looks like I lost the fight though. Badly bruised face and 2 pockets of blood formed under my eye and on my cheek. They seem to have stopped growing and the stitches stopped bleeding. I think there are 10 or 12 stitches from cheek to just below my eye – diagonally.

I’m good.

Still working on getting my collection of quotes on line. Can’t remember the html code very well. It’s a problem of ‘using it or losing it.’

Take care


Yes if wine and pills were hundred dollar bills, I might keep you satisfied.
If broken dreams were limousines, I might take you for a ride.
And all I can do, is think of you – and wish you were here by my side.
Yes if heartaches were nickels, I’d be the richest fool alive.